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May 2019
text: Audio Book Review: Sin & Chocolate By K. F. Breene
I've tried and failed to read through quite a few books by this author. The stories and concepts she writes about are amazing...
Sin & Chocolate - K.F. Breene
May 2019
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reviewed: Book Review: Forever Claimed By Kim Loraine
I love the idea of this series of standalone books set in the same world while keeping the idea of what a vampire is consiste...
Forever Claimed (Vampire Brides) - Kim Loraine, Midnight Coven
May 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Audio Book Review: Demon Magic And A Martini By Annette Marie
I may be biased but this is the best book in the series so far! I've been on Team Erza since the beginning and this book fina...
Demon Magic and a Martini - Annette Marie
April 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Book Review: The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17) By J.R. Ward
I went through so many emotional highs and lows throughout this novel. I must applaud J. R. Ward's writing for having that ef...
The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17) - J.R. Ward
April 2019
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reviewed: Book Review: Witch's Honor (Bloody Hearts #2) By Anya J. Cosgrove
I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this series, but OMG I need more and that cliffhanger was so evil! This ...
Witch's Honor (Bloody Hearts #2) - Anya J. Cosgrove
April 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Audio Book Review: The Boy And His Ribbon By Pepper Winters
I'll start off by saying how not my style the relationship between Ren and Della was. When this book was close to getting rel...
The Boy & His Ribbon (The Ribbon Duet #1) - Pepper Winters
April 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Book Review: Goddess Ascending By Heather Hildenbrand
I keep getting surprised by how much I end up loving certain books and this is definitely one of those! The author does a gre...
Goddess Ascending (Gods and Guardians #1) - Heather Hildenbrand
April 2019
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reviewed: Book Review: Breathing Lies (Breathing Undead #1) By Jessica Sorensen
This book captured me in a way I wasn't expecting it to. I liked the overall dynamic the plot had in keeping the reader/the m...
Breathing Lies - Jessica Sorensen