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Book Review: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons #4 )By Jessica Sims

Wanted: Wild Thing - Jessica Sims


This series is such a guilty pleasure of mine! I don't usually like chick lit, but this series just calls to me. It's always so cute in an unpredictable way. The love Mrs. Sims writing style and that's probably what makes this such an enjoyable and silly read.


Ryder was always that character that you'd eventually want to know more about, but got distracted with the real story line in the other novels. She's the flirty office assistant that everybody likes, but she has a secret. The aforementioned secret was loosely mentioned in the previous novels, but it was never in the spotlight. It was really satisfying to finally get a glimpse of what she was hiding. After the first chapter I was hooked.


Hugh was the shifter version of a neanderthal. His animal (much like the homo neanderthalensis) is extinct. Though it takes some time for the reveal to happen, I was still flabbergasted. I loved that plot twist. My guesses were all out of the ball park. At one point (because of Hugh's size and his mention of primordials) I was guessing dinosaur. 


By the end when all of Hugh's "brothers" agree to get out of dodge I was having a laughing fit! It's so funny to see these adult beings handling modern technology (something that's considered the usual for most of us) like strange unknown contraptions.


I must admit that I did predict a few turn of events. I also thought the ending felt a little TOO neatly tied up. It seemed like the author could have prolonged that as a subplot for another character, but chose not to. I wonder what she has in store for the future of most of these characters.


Conclusion: I really hope there will be more books/novellas in this series.


My Favorite Quotes:

"He glared at me. 'My drinking vessel broke'".

"Bring us to the land of eager women. I will feed them".

"The best day of my life was the day I agreed to ruin yours (...)".