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Audio Book Review: Significance (Significance #1) By Shelly Crane

Significance - Shelly Crane


* This is a review of the audiobook.


It's official. I'm a hopeless romantic. I search for the perfect guy even knowing he doesn't exist. That's what makes books like this one so worthwhile to me. This is the second time I'm reading this novel and I'm still in love with it. The story is very well written. This review is going to be me gushing over this book.


Maggie is a very sweet girl. After tragedy struck and her boyfriend of 2-3 (?) years broke up with her she become closed off and a loner. Her life at home was falling apart and fate intervened when she met Caleb. They "imprinted", which means they're soul mates. They're so sweet to each other and respectful. I just love their relationship.


Caleb is amazing. He's....he's....I can't even describe how I feel about him and this book. Let's say almost everything is amazing and leave it at that.


The only things I didn't like were Maggie's father (Jim) and her adopted brother (Bish). After months of not paying attention and not caring about her well being Jim decides, out of the blue, that he's going to care and meddle. If he really had cared he'd have never put Maggie through all those months so I don't know what happened all of a sudden to make him come back down to earth. Bish was WAY over protective and annoying. I understand a certain level of protectiveness, but Bish was over the top. He was acting like a little kid who doesn't want his parents to hug in front of him because he considers it "gross". Well you need to effing deal. He didn't even give Caleb a chance, just judged him before they had even met.