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Audio Book Review: Easy (Contours Of The Heart #1) By Tammara Webber

Easy - Tammara Webber


* This is a review of the audio book.


Yet another re-read on my part. I feel this is one of the classic's, when considering the new adult genre. This and a few other titles is what started it all. I love how Mrs. Webber executed the story telling. Even knowing what was going to happen more or less, this kept me entertained until the end.


I loved Jacqueline. She was the flawed character you could relate with and still what to love. Even though I didn't agree with some (OK, OK...most) of her actions I still wanted a happy ending for her.


Lucas (AKA Landon) was #awesome and #hawt. He's the perfect guy. 

Let me make a check list:


  1. Flawed? Yes
  2. Looks like a bad boy? Yes
  3. Tattoos? Yes
  4. Tall, but not over muscular, yet not too gangly? Yes
  5. Caring, kind and honest? Yes
  6. Has a deep, dark, scary-ish secret? Yes


If you like any of the items listed in the above list this is the book for you!


This was also the first time a secondary character actually stood out to me. Jaqueline's BFF Erin was adorable! She's the friend everyone hopes to one day find, yet few succeed. She's peppy, caring and above all else, she's loyal to her friends. With the way society is going nowadays people like her are getting to be few and far between.


**Minor Spoilers Ahead**


This book touched on a subject that I feel VERY strongly about: Rape. In my personal opinion, Jaqueline acted irrationally with what happened to her. She was ALMOST assaulted and the only thing that kept going through her mind when what happened happened were the other people at the party. It never occurred to her that she wasn't the first victim or that it could happen to someone else if she didn't report it. I started to fume when the excuses kept coming and the way she took so long to even mention the event to anyone. 

**End Of Spoilers**


This is a VERY serious subject matter and it should be handled as so. You need to report something like this. Most of the time when one person comes out it gives the other victims courage to do the same. One thing that should be taken from this book is to tell someone what happened and believe that justice does prevail. 


Audio Book Review:


I liked Tara Sands as a narrator. I also liked how when a guy was talking she's alter the tone of her voice and make it sounds like a guy and not a girl acting like a guy (which is what a few narrators sound like to me). I'd defiantly listen to more audio books narrated by Mrs. Sands.