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Audio Book Review: Meridian By Amber Kizer

Meridian - Amber Kizer


* This is a review from the audio book.


I'm in a mood. I've been re-reading (which I NEVER do unless it's an EPIC book) too much lately. It seems that I'm out to prove to myself that the books that I read when I was 12-15 years old are actually still good books. It helps that I don't remember much detail in the stories. At that age, I went through a phase where I read 5-6 books a week. So to say I remember very little is saying a lot.


This is a old favorite of mine. It was one of the first paranormal books I picked up. It's still pretty good, though now I see a few holes that I missed while speed reading a few years ago. This is also one of the few books that I don't mind the insta-love. I'm not crazy about it, but I guess I understand where the characters are coming from.


Meridian was an outcast. She was the the weird girl who preferred being alone and away from everybody because she made the mistake of telling one "friend" that things died around her when she was in kindergarden. Her life was miserable and lonely. Even her parents shied away from her. The only bright spot was her little brother (Sammy). After the scare and she gets to her aunt's house things start looking up. She meets Tens, starts learning what she is and how to deal and become better. 


Tens is still swoon worthy. He's so sweet, and caring and protective and...

OK let's stop that run on sentence. Let's just say I'm on his side and leave it at that. 


Something that ticked me off was the lack of information her aunt would deal to her. Meridian is there for a purpose. It's not a vacation. It's to learn to deal and help with the bad guys (which I don't know how to spell). Her aunt came off as this all knowing deity, but was reluctant to actually dish it out. Also, I like to know what the character's are wearing now and then. Otherwise I end up imagining them in the last outfit mentioned (which is almost always PJ's). 


The ending was still a surprise to me. I didn't actually remember what happened. Just that Custos (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong. Darn you audio book!) somehow saves the day. I don't know if I'll continue onto book #2. I understand that it's in dual POV (not with Tens...-sigh-, but with another Fenestra (Ana?)). I'm not sure I want to relive her story.