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Book Review: Paranormalcy By Kiersten White

Paranormalcy - Kiersten White


* This review is of the audio book.


I've been wanting to re-read this for a LONG time now! So glad it finally happened! It continues to be an awesome and cute read. 


I love Evie. She's the girly girl everyone underestimates. She's witty, funny and fascinated with the "normal" world like it's nobody's business. When she finally get's to know a high school locker I had tears in my eyes because of how hard I was laughing. I love her enthusiasm when it comes to doing regular things, that for her weren't even a possibility until a few weeks ago.


Lend is THE hottie. If you're wondering about why I emphasized the word "the" here's the answer: He can literally "transform" into ANY guy he wants. Be it a celebrity, or an enemy. The idea is just so absurd that it becomes #awesome. It also made it possible for him and Evie be on "equal" ground.


I didn't remember a lot of detail when I finally went to re-read this so a lot of the plot twists still surprised me and/or devastated me. Still can't believe the people who died, actually died. I wanted everyone singing 'Kumbaya' by the end of this novel and it just wasn't possible...


Audio Book Review:


This woman's voice was EXACTLY what I pictured Evie sounded like. It's like a mix between a pretty b*tch and an extreme girly girl. I. Loved. It. I found myself smiling at odd times and losing track of what was happening because of how perfect her voice was. Her name is: Emily Eiden.


P.S. Emily Eiden should have narrated the audio books for the Sweet Trilogy By Wendy Higgins. I haven't finished the third book in the Sweet Trilogy because of how, I'm sorry for how I'm going to put this but, orgasmic Erin Mallon sounds. From the sounds of it Book #1 and #2 were OK, but I couldn't stand Book #3.