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Book Review: Bad For You (Sea Breeze #7) By Abbi Glines

Bad for You (Sea Breeze) - Abbi Glines



This was a cute short read. I wasn't really expecting much because I didn't particularly like the other books in this series that I picked up. So when I found myself liking this it was pretty surprising to say the least.


Blythe (oh how I strongly dislike that name) was a sheltered and abused girl. Though she tried to be strong, she was actually more awkward then anything else. She had never had friends (thanks to small towns and their gossip), or a boyfriend. Heck, she barely had a parent who didn't give a bleep about her. By the end, it seems like she overcame all that with Krit by her side.

"In my stories I could be beautiful. The prince would love me, and I would know how it felt to belong."

Krit is the extremely sexy rocker/next FLOOR neighbor. He's the male whore who gets it in his head that he needs to change because of Blythe. As much as I liked him and want to believe in faerie tales, I still have a hard time believing that a guy could change because of one shy girl. Call me a realist or a pessimist, I just have a VERY hard time believing you have to change to be with someone. In his case of course he had to change, but would that realistically happen? I'd like to say yes, but I can't.

"Blythe wasn't Jess. She was innocent and ... h*ll, she was precious."

I liked Tisha (Krit's sister). She was the take-no-sh*t kind of person and I found that awesome! I was glad that she helped Krit and Blythe at the end of the novel to resolve the last issue between them (though it wasn't necessarily an issue that couldn't be dealt with without her involvement).


P.S. I *heart* this cover!!


Favorite Quotes:


"No need to worry about the one girl you wanted to actually talk to and wasn't a used groupie. You made sure to shut her out."


"Krit, meet jealously. It's a bitter b*tch."


"Good girls should stay away from the dark corners.

Temptation will always lurk within the turn.

Keeping you pure may be the only thing that redeems me.

But I never asked not to burn."