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Book Review: Going Down In Flames By Chris Cannon

Going Down in Flames (Entangled Teen) - Chris Cannon


* I was provided an eARC by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.


I LOVE anything dragon related! So I was sure I was going to like this book. Add in a sexist society with a kicka** heroine and you know it's going to be an awesome read!


I loved the way Bryn thinks. She says the first thing that comes to mind. Though sometimes (MOST times) that may get her into trouble, it was what I found the most lovable in her. Considering she's only 16, she acted childish in a few moments in the book, but it'll let it slide because of her age. The only problem I had when it comes to Bryn and her Dragon is that everything came WAY too easily. I just think that she should have had a harder time with flying and the cool color/healing power she had going on.


I didn't really like the love interest...well interestS. One (Zavien) was part of a radical group trying and failing to change the laws. 

"You're like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One minute you're nice, and the next minute you're obnoxious."

The second (Merick) wanted her as a mistress and was 10 YEARS older then her and most importantly married. To say the least, I was rolling my eyes when she thought much of one or the other.

"If she spotted him, she'd blast him to cinder. And then she'd be the one going to jail because being a presumptuous, adulterous a**hat was legal in polite dragon society, while flash-frying said a**hat was not."

The "villain", I don't know if you could actually call Ferrin that (since the REAL villain comes to light in the last pages of the book). The only way I can describe him is as the 'good' villain. Does that make sense? The same way he acts like a demigod, he acts like a 5 year old who wants revenge on something idiotic that happened 19 years ago. He's not really a level headed leader who I'd trust the governing of a society to.

"You haven't changed at all. You still have a God complex."

The end was expected because of the events that took place in the last few chapters. I wasn't really satisfied with it. A lot of plot points are still left in open, even though I wouldn't consider it a cliffhanger it comes VERY close. I'm not talking about a suspenseful cliffhanger, but a cliffhanger when you're kind of left out to dry too long and feel uneasy (if that description made any sense...?). 


Conclusion: I am looking forward to Book #2!


Favorite Quotes:


"I threatened him with bodily harm. He promised to bring me cake for the rest of my life. We worked it out."


"Living a simple life full of love had to be better then living an extravagant life full of hate."


"They taught me to stand up for myself."