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Book Review: Rules Of Survival By Jus Accardo

Rules of Survival (Entangled Embrace) - Jus Accardo



*I was provided an eARC by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.


I'll start this review by being honest: I don't usually read thriller/mystery books. With that said, please bare with me. I wanted to read this book because of TWO things: a) My name is used as the main characters name, but (of course) the author misspelled it (LOL, I just had to throw that in there C:); b) I LOVE Jus Accardo as an author, so I will give anything she writes a chance.


I would consider this more mystery than suspense and add a pinch of overwhelming frustration and you get this novel! The whole time I was waiting for something of EPIC proportions to happen and it never did. Well, the 'events' happened, but it was ALWAYS pure coincidence. That they even managed to find the guy responsible for everything was a miracle.


Mikayla (I still think it should be Mikaella like my name, BUT....) AKA Kayla was an adventurous, not-easily-trusting person. In her short life she has been around the world and back. All that because of her mothers past coming to bite her [mother] back in the a** for all her [mother] wrong doings. After doing something so out of character is hurts, she get caught (didn't see that coming, right?) and the story starts off from there.

"Do it yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. That was one of her rules."

Shuan was the typical macho guy that starts out despising her and ends up saving her. Their story was just too stereo typical. I guessed a lot of it and the 10% I didn't wasn't at the level of epic that I was expecting.

"Of all the people on earth for me to be shackled to, the universe sends a cocky, know-it-all a**hole with a perfect body and face of a demigod, rocking an attitude?"

Over all, this was a nice and fast read. If I had been more of a fan of this type of book I would have enjoyed this more. As much as I wanted to love this, unfortunately it ended up being an average read.


Favorite Quotes:


"So, what do you want to do tomorrow? 'Cause I'm thinking if you haven't got any plans, maybe we could try pissing off the Mafia. That'd be a fun change of pace."


"There are just some things you don't do. Call it common sense, self-preservation, or simply intuition."