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Book Review: Branded By Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

Branded - Abi Ketner, Missy Kalicicki
* I received an eARC from the authors in exchange of an honest review.
I remember when I first started blogging that this was one of the first books I won and felt the need to review. It was awesome and it just got BETTER! I absolutely LOVED the extra scenes and this time around it had a more of a New Adult feel to it, compared to the old version.
I still ADORED Cole this time around. He continues to be the understanding, beautiful piece of man candy that he was last time I read about him. I loved how he knew when to push and when to respect Lexi and give her space.
"Any other guard would've beat or raped you by now, and you just keep pushing me when I'm trying to do the right thing."
Lexi was an abused turned strong heroine. She's been dealt a bad hand since her father died and thanks to her mom remarrying, her life turned into hell. Even after surviving being wrongly accused, she still found it in her to be brave, strong and, most importantly, to always fight for what's right. She had my respect from the beginning.
"No matter what I say you won't believe me. When you look at me ... like everyone else, you see nothing but my brand. The commander labeled my a whore, so that must make me one. Right?"
Zeus was as cute and cuddly as ever! I loved how he was described as a total goof ball, but still loyal and VERY smart (which I know seems like an exaggeration, but I have a dog. He's proved how smart he really is. I actually learned NOT to underestimate him.).
"Meet Zeus, my crap-for-brains guard dog."
Keegan was still a domineering, tattooed giant who loved to point out that he was in charge and the Lexi HAD to listen to him. Well I hate to break it to you buddy, but you felt and Lexi grew up. She can very well make her own damn choices and love WHOEVER she wants. Just because you don't like the guy doesn't mean he doesn't treat her with respect and that they both love each other. I think the end he met was Karma. There's a reason everyone calls her a bitch C:
I had actually forgotten about the ending. It was so sweet re-reading it. I almost cried because I seriously wasn't expecting it. Everything was going to hell, who knew the authors still had a plot point to exploit? I certainly didn't.
Conclusion: I NEED Book #2. 
"So we'll take one day at a time, because each day is one day we didn't have before."
My Favorite Quotes (This Time Around):
"My life was a colorful facade."
"I know what if feels like to be a failure. It haunts you constantly."

"All I want is to help you heal. To hold you when you cry. To glue you back together when you break apart. I want to reach out and help you back up."