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Book Review: Devil May Care (The Veil Series #1) By Pippa DaCosta

Devil May Care: 2 (The Veil Series) - Pippa DaCosta



* An eARC was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book was as confusing as it was AWESOME! The story picks up a few months after what happened with Stefan and Akil at the end of book 1. I still have more questions then answers and my heart continues to break time and time again for Stefan.


My heart hurt for Muse on various occasions. She lost the only person she actually had started to care for. Akil f*cked her over so many times and yet her Demon still wants a piece. Nothing would go her way and when it did we were rewarded with a plot twist that left us hanging on for dear life. Those were just a few examples of what you can expect for Muse in this novel.

I had control issues, enough emotional baggage to excite a team of psychiatrists, and - thanks to my demon half-  a penchant for snap decisions driven by instinct.

I'm a sucker for Stefan, so it was heartbreaking having to realize that after being "gone" for so long that what happened happened. I'm still hoping that he'll win his mental battle, but his future seems bleak and dangerous from where I'm standing. 

He wasn't like Akil. I couldn't drain Stefan of power. We were twi sides of the same coin, destained never to meet and yet so close.

Akil had to have his 15 minutes of fame in this novel yet again. He's a lying, twisted, son of a #&*@(, yet he still comes out the hero in the end. I'm naturally against whatever is "hip" at the moment and the team everyone is picking in a certain book so I will stand tall and say I dislike Akil with EVERY fiber of my being C:

Perhaps that was the change I sensed in him: a humbling.

I wasn't expecting the twist with Nica and I loved how Stefan finally showed Adam (AKA Mr. Boss, AKA his Dad) who was really in charge.


The ending wasn't satisfying in the least. I'm still stuck in the dark about various details in the story and I don't appreciate the addition of EVEN more (if that's possible) problems with no foreseeable solution. I already know I'll be swimming in plot twists in the next book.


Favorite Quotes:


"The feeling would pass, the horror would fade, and I could go back to pretending I was perfectly fine."


"I pity an man, demon or otherwise, foolish enough to believe he owns you."


"My thoughts shatter. My human comes. He is strong. I have not yet won. I will. I release... I go ... I am caged, but I pace. I am hungry. I want. I need. I am chaos and chaos will not be controlled."