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Book Review: Touching Fire (Touch Saga #2) By Airicka Phoenix

Touching Fire (Touch Saga) - Airicka Phoenix


This is one of those series that takes forever to release, but when it releases you know your in for a VERY wild, plot twist infested ride. This was actually one of the FIRST books I've re-read. Please keep in mind that when I read a book, unless it means something to me or is signed, I usually never pick it up again. I LOVED that this was one of the exceptions.


There is NEVER a dull moment in this story. There's an I-hope-it-becomes-a-love-triangle-but-not-really kind of thing going on. There's also a lot of action and people being deceived. Don't even get me started on the amount of plot twists being thrown our way. I didn't know up from down half the time in this book. It was SO refreshing C:


Fallon still doesn't have all the solutions to her problems. Heck, she's a teenager. She's supposed to be insecure and dreaming about Isaiah *wink wink*. Add in her would-be-friend of a dad and Isaiah's faith in the guy and something smells fishy. There were so much revelations in this book. I can't comment on them because it would give a lot away. So I'll just say: It was AWESOME and leave it at that.


Isaiah was Isaiah. He was caring, sweet and believed in her the entire way. Because Fallon doesn't know what to do and keeps taking other people's help, she gets in a lot of trouble and, consequently, Isaiah usually takes to brunt of the attack and Fallon goes half crazy (literally. Read the book. You'll understand why C:).


Archer was crazy cute with his one liner's! He's the this-should-be-a-love-triangle-but-I'm-on-the-fence-with-my-feelings guy. When he enters the story you know her dad is up to something and that Archer is CLEARLY involved. You just don't know what for sure. He was still an awesome character and I hope to see him in future novels.


That ending left me on the edge of my seat and totally craving more! Why the mean cliffhanger Mrs. Phoenix? Cliffhangers really hurt my feelings =/


Update: I just saw that Book #3 Touching Embers comes out on July 31st! 


P.S. I hope Goodreads is right C:


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