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Book Review: Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks #1) By Michelle A. Valentine

Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks #1) - Michelle A. Valentine



*I received an eARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.

This was a very enjoyable and fast read! It kept me interested and wanting more until the very almost end. It had everything I was looking for in a novel: romance, fighters (*wink,wink*) and a little action of the scary variety in the end.

Anna was a good character. She wasn't a pushover, was hard headed when the situation called for it and cared more of everyones well being then her own. The only problem I had with her was her allowing her lust and passion get in the way of rationality. It's called protection. No matter how you feel in the moment, you NEED to use it. Be responsible, don't have a child you know you're not ready for.

X (AKA Xavier) was a tortured alpha male player. Let me explain that a little more. He had a ruff childhood and because of that, to him, love is something impossible to achieve. He's also a fighter/actor and his profession implies it all: He's huge. Before he met Anna he used to sleep around, A LOT. Anna was actually a little TOO understanding, but then again it's a fictional story, somethings need to happen for the plot line to move along.

"He may come on a little strong at times, but from the few interactions I've had with him, I can tell he's got a good heart."

Anna's father was a jack@**. Just because he's a religious man, doesn't mean he gets to hit his daughter. She's also 21 and a collage grad. She can damn well go live with her aunt in another city if she chooses too to escape him. It's the 21st century hun, the world has evolved. Learn to deal.

"I don't like your tone, or what you're implying. I'll have you know I'm a Christian man. I only inflict physical punishment when necessary. It's my right as her father."

The ending was just mean. That was a huge cliffhanger. I NEED the continuation to this story. It hurts that you'd do this to us Mrs. Valentine. With all that being said, I can't wait for Book #2 to find out what happens next!

Favorite Quotes:

"So you're saying you want to become my personal bodyguard and protect me from the big bad city?"

"Don't apologize for asking for respect. You deserve it."

"I know from experience that sometimes home isn't always the best place to be."