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Book Review: Black Abaddon (Vulcan Legacies #2) By Sasha Hibbs

Black Abaddon - Sasha Hibbs



*I was provided a free eCopy by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book was awesome! It was a very nice continuation compared to the first book in this series. It doesn't pick up RIGHT where book 1 left off, but a little while after it. 


Ally still has more questions then answers. Because of that, the first half of this book dragged on and on. I was being slapped upside the head with plot twists left and right. They weren't revolutionary plot twists. No, these were really annoying little problems that just kept popping up. Every. Single. Page. It got annoying VERY fast. After the first 50% passed, the book started going somewhere. Answers came slow, but steadily. Though, by the end I still had more questions then answers. 


I just don't know if I liked either "hero". I just have mixed feelings when referring to Marik. Sure, what happened in Book 1 got resolved this time around. BUT, I still don't know if I can really trust him after he proved to be so easily persuaded because of a "magical" vision.


Michael this time around, just proved my point. He was the wholesome, all around, cute guy. The key word in that last sentence is WAS. He proved that he could also be manipulated VERY easily. I just think Ally deserves more from a guy. 


Ally's mother/sprit/suspicious-person-numero-uno, was just there to complicate the story. Until now, no one even knows what she's up to or which side she's on. I don't know how the character's even trust her. Just because she's Ally's mom, it doesn't mean she's on the "lesser evil" side.


The ending had a MAJOR plot twist. I was SO surprised. The whole novel was building up to that EXACT moment. Now that was a revolutionary plot twist. Because of that ending I will be rocking in a corner awaiting the release of Book 3.



Favorite Quotes:


"Love does not destroy. Love has many faces to it. Love heals and comes in the most unexpected places and when you are in your darkest hour, that same love will find you and life you back up."


"They were all robbed. All of her tomorrows were gone. She could see a world stretching out before her, one filled with chaos, with fire, with death and destruction."


"After moving heaven and earth he finally found her."