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Book Review: Captivate Me By S. J. Pierce

Captivate Me - S. J. Pierce


* An eARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book was a good quick read. It started out nicely narrated and the heroine was some what likable. I got annoyed with the kind-of instalove in the middle, but the plot twist toward the end totally questioned that. The ending was predictable and I'm happy to report there was also NO cliff hanger.


The heroine (Kat) started out a descent person. She was caring, devoted to her friends and all around goody two shoes. Toward the middle (after instalove happened) she became petulant, annoying, idiotic and as shallow as a kiddy pool. Also she seemed to want to force love with Levi. I got tired of hearing her talk all about how if she forced love then it wasn't love, or was it? She become very dramatic during the story as well. It also hints at a love triangle and even though Kat does do something about it, it wasn't because she decided "I have to set one of them striaght". Oh, no. That would be too much to ask. She does something because the "other guy" (Levi) corners her.


I liked Levi from the beginning. He was a nice friendly face every girl deserves. He was considerate, caring and felt something akin to love toward Ms. Kat. Though it didn't work out, I didn't like what was hinted at the end of the book with the "new" love interest.


"Levi, however, was tangible, and still as sweet and gorgeous as ever."


The mystery guy was a mystery. All I learned in this book is that he has powers, loves his "adopted" family and living like a homeless person. We, as a reader, didn't even get a glimpse of him as a person. All Kat would ask him is what his family was like and yet she was "captivated" by him. As far as I know if you lust after someone it's because you want them fiscally and there's a reason it isn't considered a relationship.


"His face - gorgeous, ethereal like a majestic angel or god."


I suspected the shady clan from the beginning. It also bothered me that because of a guy, Kat was ready to throw her life, friends and family included, away to live like an animal always camping and migrating from state to state without even wanting proof of the so called "threat". I wouldn't believe/trust someone I've known all of one week enough to drop everything and live with them. My point below....


"I needed to let go and trust that Iris knew what she was doing."


The ending was crazy. I liked how the author threw in that plot twist and the doubts she planted. After all that was resolved it went back to Averageville. The ending from there was predictable and I really wasn't expecting anything less.


"You teenage girls are so easily fooled."


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