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Book Review: Six Months (Seven Series #2) By Dannika Dark

Six months - Dannika Dark



Oh god...


I couldn't put this book down from the first paragraph I read. It was THAT good. I was also so different from what I've been reading that it was like a breath of fresh air. This story isn't for everyone though. It was heartbreaking, dark, lonely and at certain moments in the story you wanted to bash April's (heroine's) head in because she was being so stubborn and secretive.


I was surprised by how much I learned to like Reno. When I read the first book (my review here) he wasn't one of the memorable brothers for me. I really liked Denny (as Maizy calls him) so I had hoped his story would start up in book 2. I wasn't disappointed though. I think I actually got MORE then I bargained for. Reno is a dark, broken, loving man who was just as lost in life as April was. He was always gentle with April, but when push came to shove, he shoved. Hard.

"Because he had integrity and respected rules."

Generally speaking, I liked April. Though she took too long to open up to Reno and actually get help with all her money related problems, she did have her good moments. She was also TOO self sacrificing and too willing to throw herself out the the wolves (shifter's in this case?) to be healthy. Even though I understood her need to control every aspect of her life, I just didn't see where her need to not ask for help (when she had a bunch of people willing enough) when she was in VERY deep sh*t came from.

"People looked at my bright hair and smile and never knew the life I led or the painful past I had survived."

The story as a whole was awesome, but I didn't like the almost-not-quite-happily-ever-not-after. Isn't there something that can be done to make that situation have a definitive happily ever after Mrs. Dark?! Please tell me there is...






Favorite Quotes:


"That was why I loved romance novels. The book ends and there's nothing to spoil it. In real life, love isn't about the fairy tale. Love is about not being alone. Sometimes we settle for less because that's all there is."


"I didn't have skeletons in my closet - I had a boneyard."


"You've got my heart. You've got my loyalty. You've got everything a man can give a woman, including my love."