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Beyond The Veil (The Veil Series #1) By Pippa DaCosta

Beyond The Veil (The Veil Series, #1) - Pippa DaCosta



* An eARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This is a solid 4 star read. I'm actually surprised by how much I liked this book. I love reading about half demons in a fictional earth in the present day and this book just hit the spot. Don't even get my started on the plots twists.


In the beginning, with Muse running back to her so called demon kind-of-not-boyfriend-king-dude was very annoying. The one thing the got me irritated with it was that she KNEW he was dangerous and probably wanted her head on a stick and yet she kept trusting him. She should have HUGE trust issues with the type of life she's been dealt. Every time she even thought about Akil it was like all rational thought flew out the metaphorical window. Backbone, where are you?!


I've decided that I'm Switzerland when it comes to picking a team in this book/series. Sure, Stefan is the obvious choice, but I just can't get over the fact that he f***ed Muse over the WHOLE book. He misled the heroine and the reader by default. To say the least, that hurts. On the other hand, I would never, in my right mind, pick Akil. If you've read the book, do you even have to ask? He's King evil incarnate (literally) with no redeeming qualities, period.


That ending cuts very deeply. I almost cried. It was THAT heart wrenching. After getting slapped upside the head with plot twists every five pages during the WHOLE book I still didn't see that ending coming. Really, Stefan? You just had to go and protect her like that? 


Favorite Quotes:


"Stefan was right when he said you don't want to make an enemy of me. If I can kill my demon owner, I can certainly kill you."


"You were leading me right into the lion's den."


"The convenient 'gentleman's agreement between demons' excuse."