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Broken Skies (Broken Skies #1) By Theresa Kay

Broken Skies (Volume 1) - Theresa Kay


*A free eCopy was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


In general this book was fabulous. The beginning and ending were stunning. The middle left a lot to be desired, but the ending made up for that. I loved Jaz as a heroine. I'm looking forward to continuing on on her adventure!


I liked how Jaz was head strong even though she had been through a traumatizing event in her life. Her brother is then kidnapped. Being the loyal and intelligent woman, she strives to be she goes after him. She gets a little help along the way and also does her bad deeds along the way as well. Let me just point out that it was for her survival.


"I'm not meant to be caged, some part of me just doesn't handle that well."


Lir. What do I have to say about Lir. I still haven't made up my mind on him just yet. One moment he's all "Trust me, I'll get you through this" and the next he turns off his emotions and the ending to the book happens all over again. Sure he saved her, and she saved him, and they developed a "connection", but that still doesn't make him a good guy in my mind. He did as much good as he F-ed her over. So I'll judge him when I read book 2. I HAVE to read book 2 at this point.


"My original assessment of him really is spot on. He's beautiful."


Right with you there sista C;


I found Jace VERY annoying. He was hot and cold toward Jaz and after everything she went through trying to rescue him he really should have been more understanding. I realize that the majority of people hate Aliens (E'rikon's), but if his sister got the help of a few of them to help him shouldn't he be just a tiny bit more open to the idea, at least, toward to few that helped him? 


The one and only con that REALLY bugged me was: The Middle of the book. Since the story started off with so much action, I was expecting it to continue like that throughout the novel. Because of this I almost gave up on this book. The heroine and the alien spent, from what a gathered, a little over 2 weeks in the forest. During that period of time nothing was happening.


The last 10 chapters, though, REALLY made up for that. That ending was AHHMAZING. It left me wanting more and I didn't even want the story to end by that point. I am really looking forward to book 2.


Favorite Quotes:


"You sure seem adept at finding alien admirers. This one's a little old though."


"The E'rikon have no clue that they created a monster, one that hates the darkness but also craves the serenity that would come with its embrace."


"I'm just a broken girl who inadvertently managed to keep you alive."