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Soul Of Flame (Imdalind #4) By Rebecca Ethington

Soul of Flame (Imdalind Series) (Volume 4) - Rebecca Ethington



* I received an eARC in exchange of an honest review.


I'll start off by saying that I dragged this book on as long as I could. I just didn't want it to end. It was THAT good. I went through an emotional roller coaster in the last few days. All thanks to this book.


This book changed how I saw A LOT of people. Seems like every book Mrs. Ethington tries to distort what everyone thinks they know about a character, but I throughly enjoyed getting the rug pulled from under me again and again and again. You get my drift, right?


This book started off right after Jos got out of her predicament. That was what I was aiming for, so from there I was already worshipping at Mrs. Ethington's feet. Jos was acting like you'd expect someone to act after what she went through in book 2. It was up and down, happy and sad, confused and excited. Can't really blame her either, though she did prove to be stronger then Ryland.


"Because I am in love with you. You. I fell in love with you when I held you broken and screaming, when I dried your tears, and as I watched you strength grow."


Ryland. If you've read my review for Kiss Of Fire, you'd know that I started out as Team Ryland. I can now say I am ashamed. I can't even describe him without wanting to murder him myself. I still don't understand why Ilyan won't let anyone put him out of his misery. He's slowing everybody down. Best of all: No. One. Will. Miss. Him. Hehe C:


"Ilyan would never take away my choice, not in the way Ryland had." 


Oh, Ilyan. With every line Ilyan spoke, it was like I was falling deeper and deeper in love with him. It was like I was falling into a well and I knew I was about to drown, but I would drown happily all because Ilyan was there. Dramatic, I know. BUT, so very true C;


"(...) feeling his passion, his commitment, his selfless love - I knew how wrong I had been. This was home. This was love. This was real."


Ilyan is the best book boyfriend I've had the pleasure to meet in a long time. He's the full package: smart, loyal, sensitive, beautiful, caring,....-insert ALL qualities you can think of here- 


Favorite Quotes:


"You are my forever. My beginning and my end."


"Do yourself a favor, Ilyan; think of yourself every once in a while. It's what Talon always said."


"Somehow, that made everything in my life seem a little more perfect, a little more less hopeless."