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Consequence (Significance, #4.5) By Shelly Crane

Consequence (Significance #4.5) - Shelly Crane



This is one of the few series that I started when I was 12-13 that has accompanied me to the present (5-6 years later). I am very picky about the series I finish because usually half way through the series, one of the books loses me for some reason or other and I just stop. I am very happy to say that this series has kept me hanging on for years now. 


I know in a few months (years?) the movie for the first book will be out. I'm both excited and scared. Sure, I'm looking forward to seeing Caleb and Gran on the big screen and see if the movie lives up to the book. BUT, I'm also afraid they'll butcher the series like they have done with SO many amazing books (Vampire Academy being one of them...-sigh-).


On to the novella:


I was very impressed. This novella left me hanging just enough to make me want to read Significance #5. I don't know what I was expecting from this, but what I got was totally worth it. I wasn't expecting a new story line to develop and be as intriguing as this was. Usually when an author takes a break from a series and starts writing again they seem to lose track of who has what voice and they all sound the same and the story falls apart. At least, that's what happened in Patricia Briggs's Alpha & Omega Series (Book 3 was horrifying). 


Apparently, from what I read, 10 years has pasted. Maggie & Caleb are as happy as ever and have 2 kids (yay kids!). From the story line I can deduce that both kids will have a big part to play, though I'm still clueless to what part that will be. Shelly Crane knows how to work loose plot points to make me want to read more and more of her books (this series in particular).


Favorite Quotes:


"No, mommy. Not unless us putting Rodney in an all-girls boarding school across the sea for always stealing my dolls and making them his GI Joe prisoners counts."


"And then...war, Visionary. War."


"All is as it should be, Visionary. You are right where you should be. It's just a matter of getting it done."