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Saving Rain (Rain Trilogy #1) By Karen-Anne Stewart

Saving Rain - Karen-Anne Stewart



* A free eCopy was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This was an amazing read. Even though I felt like an outsider the whole novel I still loved this. The story was very well written and very well researched and described. I felt like I was watching a movie unravel before my eyes without feeling connected to anyone. It was a new experience for me and it surprised me by how much I liked it.


Raina is a very complex character. She's been abused her whole childhood. That is, until she got away and changed everything about herself. She can go from completely open and free to closed off and having an attitude in the span of seconds. She also second guessed herself A LOT. The one good thing in her life is Kas.


Kas is the all around nice guy who takes an interest and falls for Raina. He's a detective for the FBI and he's used to giving an order and having people tripping over themselves to make it happen. It's sweet having him come to the conclusion that that isn't going to work on Raina. It's probably what makes her even more intriguing to him and probably what makes him want to change to help her. 


That ending broke my heart. I can't really say much of anything or I'd be giving away huge spoilers, but come on! Hasn't Rain suffered enough? Mrs. Stewart, I hope you have something awesome planed for Rain because she really does deserve it after all she's been though.


Favorite Quotes:

"He deflates at how her understanding of dating correlates with physical harm."

"Yeah, that's all it took, I'm a quick learner, too, darlin'."

"What do I have to do to prove that I will not hurt you, that I will prove that I will never hurt you?"