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Take A Chance (Chance #1) By Abbi Glines

Take a Chance: A Rosemary Beach Novel - Abbi Glines




Say it with me: Cliff-Hanger. 


This was a really good book. I'm not saying that because I, very much, like Grant and Harlow isn't that bad. Their story was very well thought out and written. UNFORTUNATELY, it ended in a cliffhanger that I do not appreciate. Let's wallow in misery 'til the next book releases...


Harlow was a nice heroine. She was cautious and shy, but when push came to shove you better get ready because she has a hidden back bone that appears when needed.


Grant is Grant. I have wanted to read his story since Fallen Too Far. Though he got a little TOO possessive and caveman-ish in this novel, I still want a happy ending for him.  


The ending was horrible. OK, OK. It was a horrible turn of events, but it was VERY well written and I totally want to break into Abbi's house and steal the manuscript for Book 2... 


#I'mComingForYou ... Hehe C;


Favorite Quotes:


"The gun, man. Remember the gun. My woman comes armed."


"No, she's mean all the time. Tequila has nothing to do with it."


"I'm still alive. Why should I live like I'm dead?"