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Book Review: Ungifted (Supernatural #2) By Kelly Oram

Ungifted (Supernatural #2) - Kelly Oram




* A free eCopy was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book was just a whirlwind of emotions. I was both disappointed and excited for this book. Why you ask? Well the disappointment started when I learned I wasn't getting anymore of Dani & Gabriel (that's what I was going for in this novel). After the first chapter I got excited because I just loved how Mrs. Oram narrated the novel.



That was just the start of the emotional roller coaster. I was changing teams faster then I turned pages. This wasn't a Love-Triangle, it was more of a Love-Pentagon. The problem got to be so frustrating that 50% into the novel I decided I was Switzerland


Grace was the ultimate klutz, but she was also nice and a very good person all around when you took the time to actually get to know her. 


"I'm socially incompetent and so clumsy I'm practically handicapped."


She was also bullied and called DesGrace (which made me LOL). Another trait, that was quite annoying, was her being SO emotional. After you discover what she really is you understand the why of that and Ethan coming into her life. But, until that happens your left with a confused, in-love-with-everyone girl (which isn't as exciting as it sounds). Personally, I found her to be a slut (sorry for the language, but what other word out there describes a girl who goes around kissing every guy in her path? If you find one, please help me and comment below).


One other thing/person that I wanted to maim in this novel was Russ. I've hated him and his attitude since Book 1 with Dani  Gabriel. So I got very pissed off when I discovered he was part of the Love-Pentagon. Was I the only one who saw that he only wanted Grace because of... I'm sorry, I can't finish that sentence. It's a spoiler. I won't ruin this book C:


Preston was nice. Though what happened to him in the end was not fair to him. He had such a hard life. He was also a good person, respected others and NEVER did ANYTHING to Grace. Unlike Caleb, but let's leave that on the down low. It was just sad. I was actually almost siding with him on the Love-Pentagon


Andrew. He escaped death so MANY times. How you ask? Well, the answer consists of one word. The person: Grace. If it weren't for her conscience half this book wouldn't have happened and by that I mean I wouldn't have been sent on the emotion roller coaster of my life! 


"His depth and delusion never ceased to amaze me."


Eventually, more like by chapter 28 into the novel, I finally decided on a Team. Ethan!! After he got over Grace and the why's and how's of it all he was actually a VERY nice, sensitive, charming guy and his good looks only adds to all that. I seriously hope Grace accepts his oath (& I want to read that scene Mrs. Oram....Pretty please? hehe).


Favorite Quotes:


"Well, unfortunatly my life is not a teen romance novel. Ethan Dunn is no Edward Cullen. He's quite the arrogant prick, actually. And not in an endearing Jace Wayland kind of way." 


*I LOL'ed at the references XD


"Loneliness, despair, anger, regret...Your heart can soar, but it will just as often break."


"'If you really need to see some impressive abs that badly, I'll take my shirt off for you.'

'Oh, please.'

'No, really. I'll even let you feel them. That's like Twilight in 3D.'"