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Rumor Has It (Limelight #1) By Elisabeth Grace

Rumor Has It - Elisabeth Grace



* I received a free eCopy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book started off nice. It was just the right amount of funny and interesting to keep me hooked. That basically describes this book as a whole. There was nothing that stood out to make it amazing. It was just a nice average. The characters were well written, the story moved along nicely and the story in itself was very well narrated. 


The main heroine is Ellie. She had to move back home after college since she couldn't find a job in her area of expertise. Adding even more to that is a viral video of her throwing food in her ex's face after being called all sorts of names. She then meets Mason. After that the story begins to fall into Predictable-Ville and Drama-Land.   


She's a very nice, outgoing and an independent person. Too bad her backbone didn't apply when Mason was around. It was so annoying having her agree to everything he said and offered. I'd be okay with all of that if it wasn't for the ending. More that later on in this review.


Mason. How can I begin to describe him. According to Ellie he was


"(...) Intense? Sexy? Charismatic? Take-charge and yet gentlemanly? (...)"


I wholeheartedly disagree. At first he comes off commandeering and secretive. Both of which are turn-offs. Later in the story, just when he's starting to get my respect he just crushes it. How you ask? I'll have to tell a little story first. When Ellie sees something that's troubling in a magazine she still goes to him and asks for an explanation on his part BEFORE doing ANYTHING. He doesn't return the favor. When she gets into a situation and he finds her (and even though it looks HORRIBLE) he simply breaks up with her then and there and starts calling her all kinds of names. The least he owed her (and that she provided for him in other situations) was to give her the benefit of a doubt.  


Also for the first time in a novel I found inta-Trust. It was strange. After having known Ellie for less then 24 hours, Mason KNOWS that he can trust her just because she doesn't know he's famous. Well, it would be a perfectly plausible turn of events if she'd played him and sold his stuff to fans online. There are people out there who would do this. 


The ending REALLY pissed me off. She heard his explanation and just fell into his arms. It was just TOO faery tale-ish for me. I LOVE happily-ever-afters, but with a LARGE dose of reality. 


Favorite Quotes:


"You ARE good enough. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks of you, as long as you know your worth in your own heart."


"I'll never lie to you. I may tell you things you don't want to hear from time to time, but I will never be dishonest."


"That was the problem with the bottle that my mom never figured out; the relief it provided only lasted as long as you had your lips fused to it."