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This Time Around (Maybe #2) By Chantal Fernando

This Time Around (Maybe #2) - Chantal Fernando



* An ARC was provided by the authors in exchange of an honest review.


Since Book 1 was so entertaining, Book 2 does not disappoint. I really like Mrs. Fernando's writing style. Even though she jumps around a lot during the story in different point of views, you don't get lost (which is a first for me). I usually hate changing POV's but in this novel it works.


As much as I like Ryan, Reid will always be first. Strangely enough, I found myself rooting against Ryan. After I was told his "secret" things did change, but I'm still not a big fan of him. Sure he's nice, respectful of EVERYONE and so on and so forth. It's more of an it's-me-not-you situation.


"While Reid is generally broody all the time, Ryan has a temper that hardly comes out, but when it does, people better run."


Taiya was nice. She's sweet, caring and also made the biggest and most irrational mistake of her life. After I was told her story, I just lost all my respect for her. She was put in a bad situation, with her BFF for that matter, but that doesn't excuse her running away without letting all parties involved explain their side of the story. I understand ignoring people and throwing fits, but I will never understand moving to another country.


This book also gave way for a new love story. This time: Xander!! I was rooting for his story since I read book 1 and now it's going to be possible! Xander (I like to refer to him as the 'Gentle Giant') will finally get his story. Can't wait for Book 3 C:


Favorite Quotes:


"Whatever you messed up, you can fix it. The question is how much work are you willing to put in to win her back? Just how important is she to you?"


"Once trust is broken, there is always a small part of you that won't forget, won't forgive, no matter what you say or how much you try."


"The past isn't always so easy to forget, because it's moulded us into who we are today."