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Killer Frost (Mythos Accademy #6) By Jennifer Estep

Killer Frost - Jennifer Estep



*An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.


What a bittersweet ending to an amazing series. I always hate when series end. I understand that there's no more story to tell, but I just don't like parting with the characters. They end up feeling like friends who are ripped away when life forces you to move on.


This time around, we got to see an epic backbone in Gwen. She actually stood up to Linus (AKA Head Protectorate Guy). That was, by far, my FAVORITE scene in the entire series. It also showed me how dangerous she could be when she tried. It was just a beautiful moment.


"It means you are what I am kindly going to refer to as a loose canon, the sort of person who thinks the rules don't apply to her, just like your mother was before you."


One thing I didn't like was that Logan, as a love interest, kind of got left behind. When the plot was doing crazy things and moving at the speed of light, he just got left to the wind. I really wanted to see their relationship develop a little more. While reading the story, I had an epiphany. I got to thinking: Before Logan was with Gwen he had this whole man-whore persona going on, but we never got to see his "experience" show while he was in the relationship with Gwen. The way I see it once a man-whore, always a man whore. Just seemed not like him to me.


Her friends were lifesavers, like in every other book, in this series. Turned out everyone had a role to play in the Kill Loki Forever Plan without even knowing. Though, when that plan finally came to play, it was really unbelievable the way Gwen simply "figured it out" in a few minutes, even though she'd dedicated most of her life up until that point to think about how it could be done. Apparently it's one of Gwen's quirks throughout the entire series.


In the last few chapters A LOT happened. I was also speeding reading for the life of me to see what happened next. I'm pretty sure I missed a lot of details, but it was still EPIC. Finally after 6 books of suffering Gwen got her almost happy ending. It was really gratifying, to say the least.


Favorite Quotes:


"They always have a plan within a plan within a plan. You should know that better than anyone. "


"No matter what happens, no matter what we do, no matter who or what comes between us, I love you. I want you to know that."


"Love can be a tricky thing, after all. Don't you agree, fuzz ball?"