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Ruined (The Eternal Balance #1) By Jus Accardo

Ruined (The Eternal Balance #1) - Jus Accardo







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* I used Grammarly's Plagiarism Detect feature because I wanted to be on the safe side. I wouldn't want to be abducted by 'aliens', now would I? XD
Ranting starting in 3... 2... 1....


I'll just start off by saying how I eventually will be truly impressed with how Mrs. Accardo wrote this novel, but at the moment I want to HURT something. You may find yourself asking why. Well, for starters, this novel ended in a kind of cliffhanger that is killing me right now (considering it's 2 in the morning while I'm writing this...). Have you no mercy, Mrs. Accardo?!


With that off my chest, onto the rest of this so called review (I'm sorry if it turns into a huge blob of a 50 lined paragraph. Blame Mrs. Accardo for her superior writing skills....)


I LOVED everything about this book. The characters, the narrating and general dialogue and, hell, even the villains were off the chain (Excuse the expression. I've been listening to too much rap in the past few days...hehe).


My favorite character in this book is JAX! I just love tortured heroes who still fight for what's right, no matter what the cost. I can gush about him all day, but one thing that stood out to me in this book that involved him was: He. Couldn't. Catch. A. Damn. Break. When the metaphorical poop hit the very real fan, it was ALWAYS aimed at him.


Where she viewed Chase as a saint - an exemplary specimen of a man that could do no wrong -  Jax was the devil incarnate.


From that being said, you can assume a lot of things, but you know what they say about assuming. It involves someone's butt, you and me. You caught my drift? Well, that plot twist got me nice and good. I was beginning to think, that for the first time in my life, I was rooting for the villain. Well, turns out, Jax was the lesser of two evils when compared to his so called 'saint' of a twin. I mean that literally and philosophically.


Jax Description: I couldn't help myself....C;


'Godlike? Try pasty and...' Yeah, I had nothing. Godlike was a good word. Drool-worthy. Focus-stealing... Holy s*it.


Chase (as above mentioned) is considered the 'saint' brother. I, personally, found him annoying as all h*ll (excuse the pun...hehe). I can't say anything about him, or I'll spoil the a good chunk of the book for you. From me to you: Read. This. Book.


Jax was always dark and sarcastic. Chase, on the other hand, bounced back and forth on the tip of a pen.


Sam. I love how Mrs. Accardo can create such relatable, spunky, with-a-backbone heroines. This is the second series I'm reading by her, and I'm impressed. It amazed me how forward and caring Sam could be. Even when scared she fought for what she believed in, no matter the cost. She simply made it happen.


This Sam could take on the world all by herself. She didn't need anyone.


The ending was terrible. By terrible, I mean I'm suffering from a mild-cliffhanger-too-many-loose-endings-left-behind syndrome. Please leave me in my corner to obsess and make a diagram of possible outcomes to sooth my inner turmoil...


In other words: I. Need. Book. Two.



Favorite Quotes:


"She was my anchor and kryptonite all at the same time. Salvation and damnation in one beautiful package."


"Fate was a cruel bitch with serious PMS."


"I'd find it because there was no alternative. I'd fine it because I couldn't live without her."