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Erased (Altered #2) By Jennifer Rush

Erased - Jennifer Rush















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I am speechless after finishing this book. The year long wait was SOOO worth it!! So much happened and I don't think my brain has processed it yet. 


This book is nothing like the first one. The first one was all about discovering who was what and what they wanted. This one is FULL of action and people dying left and right. It was actually cool, but then when you start to process the actually number of dead people you start to question your morality and sanity. Let's just say it was disturbing...


Moving On C:


I'm pretty sure there is a love triangle being set up here. You know what? I don't like Sam anymore. He thinks he's the head honcho and EVERYONE, especially Anna HAS to obey him. Sorry to be the one to break this to you Sam, but you don't control anyone so back the f*** off.


Nick. Cue dreamy love sick music here. I loved the side of Nick that made an appearance in this novel. If I wasn't already on his team, this novel would totally make me switch sides (ahum...it did...TeeHee).


The other side of Anna presented in this novel was out of this world!! We discover so much about her past and she evolves so much, that I don't even recognize the girl I'm reading about anymore. But I say that in a good way.


I LOVED Cas's wise cracks. They were set just right to break any tension the characters were feeling at that moment and they make up most of my highlights and favorite quotes in this novel.


Favorite Quotes:

"'I'm sure she appreciates you concern, but she was breathing just fine.' Cas scrunched up his face, shrugging. 'Minor detail'."

"I offered to give you mouth to mouth, but Sam vetoed. I don't know why. I said I wouldn't use tongue."

"Slutting around. That's funny."