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A Shade Of Blood (A Shade Of Vampire #2) By Bella Forrest

A Shade of Blood  - Bella Forrest




Oh god...I feel like the author just put me through a cheese grater and has left me to try and mend myself back together. There was SOOO much drama and confusion that I was ready to give up at various points in the novel, but just when I decided "I give up" the author would throw a plot twist that I just HAD to continue with the story. To say it was exhausting is putting it mildly.


All the redeeming qualities Sofia had were washed down stream after the decision she made in the end of book 1. This novel did nothing to lessen that. After she did what she did and got back home (which she did to appease Ben) all she did was whine that she wanted Derek. It was really annoying since she really had NOTHING to go back to. So why go back, right?


When Sofia finally found her backbone and put an end to the annoyance that was Ben, she went and did something so out of character that I actually had to re-read a couple paragraphs. Multiple. Times. It felt so forced her having done that and fallen right back in love with him after she finds out all that he did. I just didn't see the logic behind it all.


In this novel we also find out A LOT about Sofia's long lost family. Though I can't get into detail on it since I would be giving two plot twist's away and that really wouldn't be fair. To. Anyone. It's what kept me reading this book and what will probably make me buy and read book 3. Darn you, plot twists.



I despise Ben. According to him the world would be a perfect place without the Vampires. I call BS, Ben. The world was NEVER perfect. If it weren't for the Vampires, he would still have to deal with gangs, violence in general, assassinations, drugs, I could go on for days on end. Conclusion: He's a hypocrite. He also did have a way of convincing Sofia to do his every bidding (which was getting on my nerves). When he finally corned her and kissed her I thought I was going to hurl....Just. Don't. Go. There. Mrs. Forrest. Ben was also on a role about wanting vengeance. Everything bad that happened in his life (ex: loosing Sofia, his getting a paper cut, him having a head ache) was then blamed on The Shade.



While all the above was happening Mr. Derek Novak was using the excuse of "the love of my life is gone" to go CRAZY. By that statement I mean rape, murder and everything in between. From that point on I started to see that he had no redeeming qualities. I, now, don't see what Sofia sees in him. 


The ending was mind blowing. After the plot twist of her father I thought that was it for the story. Mrs. Forrest is crazy good at slapping you in the face while pulling the rug from under you with a plot twist. I would congratulate her, but I'm just to angry at the moment.


Favorite Quotes:

"The island is several shades darker without you. We'll miss your light."

"The darkness is coming."

"Even the lionesses fear the king of the pride."


"Oversized meany..." - Abby (Ben's little sister)