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Forged (Altered 0.5) By Jennifer Rush

Forged - Jennifer Rush




From the opening synopsis line I thought I was going to get to immerse myself in the relationship that was, at one point, Dani and Sam. Unfortunately that wasn't what I got. This was actually just a REALLY short, vague and unnecessary background story on what Dani went through. I already had a vague idea of what happened I didn't really need a novella written up on it.


Dani seems like a nice enough girl. Since she and Anna are sisters, both had a bad family life. Since Anna is younger she never got the brunt of it. Dani was made an offer she couldn't refuse and because she cared for Anna she accepted. It's pretty sad since everything she did was in vain and the sh*t hit the fan anyway that the end. I suspect Erased (Book #2) will elaborate a little more on this aspect of Dani and Anna's life.


We (readers) barely got to be in the presence of Sam. That's what I was looking for when I got this. To say I was annoyed is putting it mildly. I wanted to know how Sam was before he met Anna and started to care for her. I wanted to know what he saw in Dani from the beginning when she just started training. I wanted to know why they got separated and what he did to have his memory erased (which is where Altered kicks off).


Overall it was well written and the plot moved that a descent pace. I just had my expectations toward one thing and got something completely different. So it's my bad. 


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