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Covert Assignment By Missy Marciassa

Covert Assignment (Covert Series) (Volume 1) - Missy Marciassa




* eARC provided in exchange of an honest review.


This book started off very nice. The subject that was broached was just enough to capture my attention and keep it through out the novel. The story never got boring and I was kept on my toes the entire time (which was a nice change from all the novels I’ve been reading lately).


Elle was a very relatable character. She was smart, just the right amount of nerdy and rational. Though I think she took too long to deal with the first problem presented to her and that she forgave Preston’s absence at the end way too easily. The least you have to do is ask “Where were you all this time and how is it that you couldn't find one minute to call me, so I could make sure you were ALIVE?”, but she didn’t even do that. She ran into his arms....literally.


Preston was the sexy, too-good-for-her hottie. He was he the right amount of funny and secretive to still be alluring as a boyfriend and a character in general. So over all he was OK. I have nothing to gush about, yet nothing to really throw in his face. So we'll leave it at that C:


Adam is the boyfriend turned ex. He was annoying, pushy and possessive. It was VERY, VERY, VERY frustrating to read about all the s*it he pulled and tried to justify. I lost the count of times I asked myself “Is he serious? Really? No. Just no”. FYI I do not agree with his logic and he's supposed to be smart and nice. Pshhh Yea....Right.


Elle’s parents were portrayed as stuck up, rich snobs who didn’t really care, at all, about her. Period. So I was SHOCKED at the end when her mom and dad gave her presents and were happy and supportive of her decisions in life in general (which weren't the case). They did a complete 180º in a matter of 10 pages. 



Favorite Quotes:


"Same bullshit, different day."


"FUBAR - F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition." (Loved this!!)


"Well, she could start by telling him she hoped he burned in h*ll for eternity with daily flare ups that singed his b***s and d*** on the hour, every hour." (Yes, that was vulgar - Sorry!! But it was just TOO funny!!)