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Forbidden: Discover the Legend (Wolf Sirens #1) By Tina Smith

Wolf Sirens: Forbidden: Discover The Legend - Tina Smith




* I received a free eCopy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.


I can not tell you how much I wanted to like this book. The synopsis had me from the second paragraph, but unfortunately it wasn't the same with the story itself. I gave up on this book 45% into the story and that was after debating long ad hard with myself to give it up or not. 


From the beginning it dragged on. I just didn't like Lila and that was what ruined the story for me. For me to like a book I usually want a heroine with flare, one that thinks and plans and does what needs to be done for the end result to happen. I didn't find that in this novel. What I was presented with was an annoying girl who judged EVERYONE by there looks and that also put herself down because of them. 


I also want to point out how truly naive and stupid Lila was. At one point in the story she got it in her head that The Clique (as I like to call them) was responsible for a hazing that NEVER happened. May I also point out that throughout the story her answer to anything/everything wrong involving 'The Clique' is hazing. Instead of investigating first, she simply went up to one of the girls in this group and straight out asked if they hazed people. I facepalmed, hard on that one. Let's apply logic to that, shall we? If my group was responsible for hazing and someone asked me if I was, would I really be dumb enough to admit it to them or would I lie and play dumb to a supposed incident that happened ONE YEAR AGO? My point exactly. 


One other thing that annoyed me was the way she would describe the other characters. She considered perfect 'The Clique'. Since they were SO popular she couldn't find anything wrong with them. Everybody else got described as a drug user, got pointed in detail how bad their skin was or that they dressed badly. When she pointed out that one particular girl had black heads I just wanted to throw a temper tantrum.


I've decided to question Lila's sanity. She is one confused girl. One moment she wants to listen to Cresida and the next just because Cresida told her NOT to, she decided to go along with Sam's group to 'hang'. This is getting ridiculous. Also, her reaction for when she found out that wolves actually existed was comical. She had already had proof that they did. So my question becomes why did she react so shocked? There wasn't ANYTHING to be shocked about.


Lila is also a bitch of epic proportions. She's interested in Sky (who has a girlfriend BTW), but Reid is the one interested in her. She says she's happy with 'seconds'. Seriously? Both men are good looking and she has never talked to Sky. How could she want him if he's in a relationship and hasn't even given her the time of day? Could I hate this girl anymore?


Like almost every other storyline out there Lila also had an absentee mom. Normal, right? No. Her mother was just weird. One moment she's all "Great, you have friends" and the next she ignores her daughter for a week. I mean, really? I understand she had just gone through a divorce and that it's painful and such, but to ignore her daughter and allow her to come home at 3 AM? It just didn't make sense to me.


Since I couldn't stomach anymore of this book, these are my thoughts from the 45% line and below. I understand that I may be making a mistake and that it could have gotten better by the end, but I just couldn't deal. This book just wasn't for me.


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