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Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1) By Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs



I have read this book VARIOUS times. That shows you how much I truly LOVE this book. I have read the whole series (even though book 3 left A LOT to be desired) I love the first book in this series. It features everything I look for in a book: a) Abused yet strong heroine; b) A caring yet dominant Alpha/Mate/Hero; c) A little action and background story so the story isn't ALWAYS focused on the relationship of said Hero & Heroine. 


I adore Charles (AKA Charlie, when he isn't around). He's got everything going for him. He's good looking, caring, just the right amount of possessive and most importantly he doesn't treat his Mate like a maid and doesn't order her around. If anything he does his best to help her out and he wants her to feel comfortable to talk to him freely about anything. Unlike most Alphas out there he actually asks/considers her opinion on stuff.


Anna has been misled since she was turned (against her will) into a wolf. Why you ask? Well, she's a super rare type of wolf: an Omega. She doesn't have to listen to the Alpha and doesn't have the urge to be submissive to everyone who ranks higher than her in a pack. Because of that her original Alpha abused her and tried to break her. It didn't work. Finding Charles was a light at the end of the tunnel for her and what a light he is -wink, wink-


Favorite Quotes:


"You follow rules, carry out justice and - try not to hate yourself for being good at your job."


"And just where would I have gone? And what would it have mattered to you if you'd managed to bleed o death?"


"He'd gone through all that because he was worried she'd leave him? Romantic... and stupid."