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Mine (Real, #2) By Katy Evans

Mine  - Katy Evans

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I am so disappointed with how this book turned out. Maybe the problem was my sky high expectations. I've been looking forward to this book since I finished Real a few months ago and what I got just didn't do it for me. I had to stop at 40% or I was going to hurt something.

I remember what made me like Brooke so much in book 1 was how she spoke. It's was very technical when talking about the human body. She would mention muscle names, nerves , tissue names etc. etc. It was very interesting how she critiqued the human body. In this novel, I don't even know who I'm reading about anymore. She is so weak, needy and annoying. I got a headache for trying to put myself in her brain. All she does is call Remy sexy, hot, lean with muscle. Well I get the picture hun, how about you either think of more descriptive words or just stop that altogether? Don't even get me started on the plot twist that made me facepalm. 

Brooke also got VERY dramatic in this novel. I understand the story has to be a little stretched out of the "norm", but the one thing I hate is a drama queen. I've had to put up with too many of those in my life to be obligated to read about one too. After the plot twist happened, she kept throwing all her reactions to everything around her on that. Her lust, jealously, eating habits. All the plot twists' fault. I was pulling my hair out by that point. 

Remy. I understand his medical condition, but I just don't like how caveman and possessive he is when pertaining to Brooke. In book 1 it was cute, now it's scary. If a fly looks at her the wrong way he wants to torture it and bury it alive. He even mentions that he would kill himself for her. That sh*t got scary, fast. It makes me wonder if one day Brooke no longer wants to be with him, if he would let her go or if he would turn psychotic and kill her or something. 

One other thing that ticked me off, this time around, was the descriptions of each location presented. I understand taking a paragraph or two to describe the hotel they're in and the furnishings in said place because I want to be able to imagine how the room is set up for the mini movie streaming inside my head. BUT when the author takes 3-4 PAGES to describe the hotel, elevator, Remy's hair, Brooke's lust for Remy and the sky I zone out. All I want are the basics. Anything TOO descriptive looses my attention, fast.

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