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Maybe This Time (Maybe #1) By Chantal Fernando

Maybe This Time  - Chantal Fernando

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I loved the first half of this novel, but the second half left a lot to be desired. It starts off a little weird because the heroine (Summer) up and moves from here steady lifestyle to live with her step brother (who she doesn't even know very well) because of his insistence. Personally, that seems like an irrational decision that no one would have made aside from Summer. 


Aside from being secretive as h*ll, her brother (Xander) was actually a nice guy. He was caring, protective and funny. I was disappointed when I finally figured out what the secret was because I was expecting something out-of-the-norm, as in supernatural. What I got was nothing like that and for that alone the story got worse.


Reid was a interesting character in the beginning, but came off as a dramatic, wanna-be tough guy by the end of the novel. Actually it wasn't just him, Summer can share that quality too. Both overreacted over mistakes each other made. The problem was that when one overreacted the other couldn't explain because the first was so pissed off and wouldn't listen and stormed off. Come on now, act like the grown-ups you're supposed to be.... 


I loved Ryan (Reid's twin). He was the character I wanted to read a story on by chapter 20 on Reid's life. I totally would love it if Xander got a happily ever after as well.


The ending was horrible. Why you ask? Well, miracles happened. I just hate miracles. The least I ask of an author is to create a reason for the events that happened to happen and I got none of that. 


Favorite Quotes:


"Can I go to the bathroom without being asked a million questions? F***ing spanish inquisition."


"After two guys hit on me this morning, my dad put up a sign that says 'the discounts only apply to men that don't hit on my daughter'."


"Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel."