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Reality By Dani Hart

Reality  - Dani Hart













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Let the ranting begin C:


I really, really, really wanted to like this book. I tried so hard! But it just wasn't for me. Even I can't explain why I started getting annoyed at the end. I stopped around Chapter 21 and even before that I was skimming, A LOT. My original rating would have been 2 stars (I'm just not a fan of this book), BUT for originality I'll add on a star.


This book started off really depressive. I didn't really mind, but Arie was just sooo URGH! She acted like the world revolved around her, her actions were really confusing and she was a push over. Especially with the love triangle added on. One moment she's in love with the first guy, but can't stop thinking about contender #2 and vise versa. That got on my nerves, fast. She also cried A LOT. Every other page she was crying for her mother, her father, River....on and on it goes. She had these visions that would cause her to lose hours of her day and she never second guessed anyone about them. Any rational persons reaction, would be to go to the hospital and get checked out first.


I also didn't get where the love triangle came from. River was the childhood BFF. I have one of those and I could NEVER see him as more then a friend. Ashe, on the other hand, was boyfriend material and the story even hinted at something more (though I never got my answer to that....-sign-). But, Ashe, in some scenes, also acted like an insecure teenage boy around 14-15 years old and that was strange.


Starling was OK. She was the only rational female character in this book. She was Arie's backbone. She always helped her, guarded her and pushed her to be with River. That was her only misstep.


One other problem I had while reading this book was "destiny". I just HATE when the character finally starts asking the important questions and the author just gives the "it must be revealed to you when it's time". That right there just ruined the moment for me. 


Favorite Quotes:


"I wish I could live in my dreams and sleep in my reality."


"Nature speaks if you listen."


"I don't know what's real and what's a vision."