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The Howling Heart By April Bostic

The Howling Heart - April Bostic














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* An eARC was provided in exchange of an honest review

Immediately after I read the synopsis I just had to read this book. The story line seemed so good and I love wolf stories so it would be a win-win situation. Fortunately for me, the author had a book tour still open for reviews. I jumped on the boat and started reading right away.

The first 55% of the book was amazing. Riley was adorable and Paige was a little annoying and air headed, but I could deal. From that point on the details in the story became disturbing, fast. I can't even comment on the why's. All I'll say is that with those I can't deal.

Riley was consistent character wise and attitude wise throughout the full novel. I just loved that Paige described him as having a "mole on the upper left corner of his mouth". He was gentle and understanding with Paige. A little too understanding if you ask me.

Paige was an air head. In her mind, the world revolves around her and everything that goes wrong in Black River is because she was there. It was pretty annoying having her repeat this over and over and over again. I found it weird that even after she decided to stay she never called her workplace and told them the news or her b*tch of a mother for that matter. By the end of the book she was so whiny and lifeless that I wanted to throw her off a bridge for letting her mother control her.

Dominic came to add to the plot. He made me want to pull out my own hair because everyone patted him on the head. After I discovered what he had done to Quinn I would have killed him myself if karma hadn't gotten to him first (FYI poor Quinn, she didn't even get her happy ending....).

Her mother is strange. One moment she's the frigid, cold-hearted b*tch who doesn't give a crap about her daughter and the next she calls the Black River police and a complete stranger says to her "her daughter made her choice" and comes running to a rescue no one asked for.

I also had a huge problem with how the wolf community was run. I am very pro-feminism so anything that goes against equal rights for women and men will get a raise out of me. I understand the a wolf community is very hierarchic and macho, but I've read other books that portrayed it differently. With that being said, the wolf community was a sexist society. The one law that ruined the whole thing for me was that if one male wanted to mate with one female, but another male comes along and wants to claim her as well, they dual until death and if the male the female doesn't want wins she has no right to tell him no. What law can be more sexist than that?

For all of the jabs this book received in this review, I still enjoyed it to a point where I wanted to finish it. I truly cared about the outcome of the hero that was Riley. Hello! He was a described as a "norse god", how can I not want to know what happened to him at the end? It's impossible not to xD

Favorite Quotes:

"Once we're bonded to someone, we're loyal until death."

"Money, success, high fashion, and designer labels meant nothing to him, and I didn't feel pressure to acquire those things."

"Because males are stupid and they like to fight."