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Scorched By Mari Mancusi

Scorched - Mari Mancusi
















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I had high expectations when I started reading this book since I love Mrs. Mancusi's Blood Coven Series. So no matter the story I will always compare any other series by her with the first series I read by her. With that being said, this book was a nice average. I got through it without complaining and it was a fairly quick read.

Trinity started off as a self centered too-dumb-to-be-believable character. She actually trusted a complete stranger who broke into her museum to steal an artifact. Even after it being explained to her that Dragons existed and being sent on a "vision" of sorts, she still found it in her self to believe dragons DIDN'T exist. As the story continued to move forward she actually became a more likable character and accepted her reality. BUT her reality was still hard to deal with. She kept getting deceived by everyone she trusted. I was lost on who to believe almost 75% of the novel. 

Conner was against dragons while Caleb was a "sympathizer". Both were deceived by the people they trusted as well, but it was a LONG journey to discover that. While Conner (the well intentioned thief turned good guy) was the nice, gentle, friendly, all around nice guy, Caleb was the opposite. He was confidant and made clear what he wanted when he wanted it. They had a good contrast going on.

The Master Dracken (AKA Crazy Cult Leader) was very suspicious (to me, at least). Though it was a surprise the twist Mrs. Mancusi threw in there, some part of me was expecting it. What I didn't expect was the kids going from let's-be-friends to die-die-die in less than one page. The Head Dracken really did a number on them.

Favorite Quotes:

"I guess it's just a place - filled with empty promises and broken dreams."

"And here I thought I was your knight in shining armor coming to your aid."

"Sacrifice one to save the world."