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Damaged 2 - H.M. Ward Originally posted at:
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This book was an overall good read. I am in neutral ground. There wasn't anything I particularly liked or disliked about this novel. It was a good continuation to the first novel, but this feels like it's the last book in the spin-off series. Then again, the story is basically over so I don't know what I'm b****ing about anyway.

The only thing that I found weird was that Mr. Turkey got lost in the story line. Sure he too got a "happy ending", but he never saw a vet and they never new why he was the way he was. He seemed more like a dog than a vulture in my mind too, though.

I am a sucker for abused heroines (which I've mentioned in my previous reviews). So this book really called out to me. It's refreshing to also read about a somewhat abused hero (not the what you're thinking). I'll just leave that tidbit of information and hope that you're curious enough to read this mini series. Which I hope you won't regret C:

Favorite Quotes:

"(...) if you hurt her - if you lay a finger on her - I will get my daddy's gun and shoot you. It's a promise, not a threat".

"Who knows, you might end up in a car with a crazy girl and a cross-dressing vulture".

"Compared to you, well, nothing compares to you so let's just say I'm lucky and leave it at that".