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Touching Smoke - Airicka Phoenix Originally posted at:
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Apparently I actually had already read this book in January of this year, the strange thing is that I don't actually remember the story. AT ALL. Which is weird since I've never had this happen to me before. I also found out that this is actually a series (yay!). I guess I have some books to read. Getting on with with the review....

This book wasn't that original that it become a new favorite, but it wasn't that cliché that I gave up 30% into the story. It was an overall decent read. I don't really have any pros and cons to it, since it was nicely edited and the story was well thought out and written. Though I have to comment on the cover: It's GORGEOUS! ^.^

The characters were OK. The hero was good looking as always, nice and protective, but not overwhelmingly so. Fallon was kind of annoying in the beginning since she didn't want to accept that she was what she was and blah blah blah.

I had a HUGE problem with her "so called" mother. She was moody, self righteous and pushy. Her mood swings gave me whiplash. She knowingly hid key facts from her daughter claiming it was for her protection. Well you know what? In the end it all came out and it did no one any good not knowing what was happening. So word of advice: keep no secrets from your children, it'll just piss them off in the future when they find out because they always find out EVENTUALLY. That just killed my respect for this sorry excuse of a mother.

Favorite Quotes:

"Yeah, sure, why not. I've always wanted to be brainwashed into a zombie".

"People who claim to be normal are the biggest bunch of freaks I know".

"Don't you dare pee on my leg and tell me it's raining, Isaiah".