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Tragic - J.A. Huss Originally posted at:
Nocturnal Predators Reviews

I have mixed feeling with the events of this book. From my point of view, what Rook did is not considered exotic photo taking. What makes it even worse is that she walked into that contract without even knowing what the pictures would represent and what the premise of it all was. Also, the thought of her abusive ex finding her if she gets famous for the photos never even crossed her mind.

I very much disliked Ronin. He seemed to take advantage of her in all ways possible just because she's new to the business and wouldn't know wrong from right. He was also very hot and cold. I think his sister (Elise) should have intervened more in Rook and Ronin's relationship, if there even is one.

Then again, I don't know if Rook is that innocent or just dumb enough to go along with everything he wanted to try on her. I think that after everything she's been through she's just TOO willing to do whatever it takes for money. Which contradicts the scene where she spends her last 10 dollars on overpriced Starbucks coffee and the miracle hits her, quite literally, in the head.

Since I'm always against the world in relation to book teams in love triangles, I am leaning more towards Spencer Shirke. Unlike Ronin, he doesn't see Rook as a piece of meat to control and take photos with. He treats her like a human being and was actually quite nice and understanding toward her. He let her make her own decisions based on facts and not "because Ronin won't like it" as an argument. To top it all off, even Ronin said that Spencer is a good guy. I say go for it Rook.

Favorite Quotes:

"Don't rely on anyone to get what you want. You just gotta go get it yourself".

"Whats going on? Girl hugs are a bad sign".

"No one came to save me. No one gave a ---- about me and the only reason I'm still alive right now is because I got myself out. I saved me, Ronin. Me".