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Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2) - Rebecca Ethington Originally posted at:
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This series continues to be amazing and original, but the waiting was killing me. That was my huge problem with the first half of this book. I'm a naturally curious person, so when Ilyan insists on the "right time" to tell her everything I start out thinking," Sure, just a few more pages and the right time will be upon us". I was wrong. According to my iPad the few hundred pages turned into almost 700 out of the 1746 paged book. I was almost going through the roof at the point in the book.

My opinion still stands according to the first novel in this series. My opinion of a few characters however have morphed somewhat. Unfortunately this book consists of a love triangle. This got hinted at in the first novel and developed a little more in the second. I can now say I am fully Team Ilyan. By my first review (if you haven't read it click here) you can tell that I didn't even go into detail on the character that was Ilyan. This novel did a complete 180° on Ilyan's character in my head and Ryland somehow went from wholesome love interest to a complete wackjob in the blink of an eye.

Joclyn as a character was strange at times. One moment she's strong as ever and can take the world and the next she doesn't listen to anyone and something mind blowing happens. She complained a lot, though (which got annoying....fast). She has magic for heck's sake. If she wants a shower and clean clothes you would assume that she could conjure that up and if she's craving a nice juice cheeseburger I would also assume that she could make that happen as well, but she chose to whine until Ilyan could get out and somehow make it happen.

Throughout the story the author reveals huge pieces to the puzzle that makes this series so out of this world. They consist of a glance at Ryland's real personality and a background story on how Ilyan would come to meet Joclyn and what his role would be when that happened.

The ending did make up for the slow start. I will admit that I was in total shock by how well crafted and thought out the ending was. I wasn't expecting anything along those lines. This book kept me guessing through out it's entirety.

Favorite Quotes:

"I threw an air conditioner at him. Isn't that enough?".

"Really? I mean, you should be. You haven't made us very happy, you know - escaping from Edmund's trap yet again, surviving no matter how hard we try to kill you. It's not fair".

"You know, I'm chilling in a beautiful Italian village, dressed like a hobo, forcing down strange food, and waiting for your sister - who is, in a strange way, my stepmother - with hopes of begging her to save my boyfriend".