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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout Originally posted at:
Nocturnal Predators Reviews

This book was surprisingly different from every other stuck-in-a-cabin-with-someone-else book. The couple presented actually had history and cared about each other, even if it started out in a BFF way.

There was a mystery, a bit too obvious, but a mystery none the less. And more importantly they didn't give into their affections right away. That usually ruins the book in the first few chapters since logic tends to disagree rather vehemently and I lose interest in the book.

I liked Kyler as a hero, since he's protective (overly so at times), cares about the well being of the heroine (Sydney) and is just an all around nice guy with they exception of being a man whore.

Sydney was OK. She wasn't a Goddess by any standards of her own and still got the guy. I don't really have anything to complain about her. She's plain, it's all I can think to describe her.

The mystery was what kept me reading most of the book. It gets solved maybe 5 chapters to the end of the book and I did guess who the person was, but I didn't get the motive right since Kyler lied to Sydney along the way "by accident".

Overall, it's a nice book to read on a rainy day.

Favorite Quotes:

"I guessed that was drunk Morse Code for yes".

"Lady balls were so freaking overrated".

"I'm just making sure he made it up here alive".