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After Daybreak - J.A. London Originally posted at:
Nocturnal Predators Reviews

This is one of the few dystopian book series that I actually like, since it doesn't involve "Love" as a disease and one exception (heroine) in a society of ten thousand people who can feel it. I love the vampire aspect of it as well since I'm a big fan of everything supernatural and paranormal.

This was an amazing ending to a beautiful trilogy. I would have loved to see more Dawn & Victor moments, but the action got all the priority in this novel, unfortunately. The character development was incredible, especially with Faith and Richard as a couple. Sin was off the charts weird and vindictive, which was fun to watch, though everything set it's self right in the end.

I really liked Faith better then all the other characters in this book, mostly due to her awesome one liners which would consist of 50% of my favorite quotes for this novel. Don't even get me started with her wardrobe choices.

Basically everyone got their happily ever after which isn't hard to except considering this is an YA book. I actually like when something goes wrong and the author leaves a few ends untied to maybe continue the series in the future. To my dismay this does not happen with this series.

Favorite Quotes:

"You command empty space. You are masters of falling walls."

"I have become a God. And I will be a lonely God. For nothing will remain once I am finished."

"Don't annoy me. My hand might accidentally slap your face."