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Bound to Me - Jeannette Medina Originally posted at:
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This is a beautiful cover and because of that very misleading. This book started out very good, but doesn't do the cover justice. I'm a sucker for abused heroines who then become strong and fight for what's right, but that didn't happen either.

The dialogue in this book seemed forced and awkward to me. The non use of contractions in the sayings felt like I was reading a biography. People usually do not talk like this, because it will take longer for everything to come out and by then I will be sleeping. The funny thing is that when the author used contractions it was Ronnie's mind talking and not the character. It felt like she was trying to heighten the word count on her novel.

I've decided that this book deserves a theme song, which would be Hot 'N Cold By Katy Perry. Why you ask? Well one moment Veronica (AKA Ronnie) stands up to her abuser and the next she's a coward waiting to get hit. She meets a guy who just out of no where knows personal stuff about her and she just lets a "slide" (her word, not mine). Now tell me if someone started talking to you said that your used to pain without having seen you have ANY tattoos AT ALL, would you be all "How did he know I have tattoos?" or "WTF! He's a creep, I better get out while I can". My point.

This book get's into one paranormal creature that I definitely love to read about, but the author just killed it with Ronnie's reactions. I ask you again: If you just found out that your possible "guardian" becomes a creature out of this world would your first question be "How is it that you can speak to me without moving your mouth"? The better reaction would be to question my sanity and mention how DANGEROUS that creature can be (which the author neglected to say).

Miracles happen as well in this novel. Ronnie's mom is a hardcore alcoholic (been that way since her father left 6 years ago). Out of the blue, one bright morning her mom become sober, kicks out Mr. Abuser and stays that way. WTF, she did a 180 over night? Lets not forget to mention she got a job the next day. Explain to me, in detail, how believable that is.

On a side note, in the whole book it was emphasized that all creatures out of the norm can read minds. I lost count of how many times Ronnie "forgot" and got embarrassed over it. Also, I'm not a grammar freak, this was the first time it actually got on my nerves. I usually do let a lot slide because the story is more important then the mistakes, but OMG that was ticking me off by chapter 5. Every few paragraphs there would be a missing word or a missing "s" for the sentence to make sense.

P.S. This could have been an amazing trilogy with well thought out dialogue and natural character development but became a rushed 250 page eBook. I would had been happier waiting for the sequel, then with a rushed piece of work that I regret buying.

Favorite Quotes:

"People always seemed to disappoint me anyway".

"I'm so sorry, it it's any consolation I fell too".

"You left, and it was like we never existed".