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Lucky In Love - Karina Gioertz Originally posted at:
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I went to reading this book knowing what to expect. Too bad the author didn't agree with me. This book was fun and easy to get into and the characters are adorable in their own way, but the story felt like it was at a stand still the full 242 pages.

Lucky (Lindsay) was always complaining about not having a boyfriend, but lived with 3 HOT men. In my opinion it's impossible not to have something happen in between 6 years of living together. Anyway, she had a friend who would drag her everywhere and match her up with a guy. Of course the friend then gets together with one of the men and lives a happily ever after.

All Lucky does is complain about her own life and pick bad men. The only way she can get a fresh start (in her head) is to move halfway around the world. Much to her roommates dismay, it's exactly what she does. Then of course she comes back and everyone accepts her, she gets the guy and happily ever after.

The ending wasn't believable at all and her relationship gave me whiplash. Both the heroine and the love intrest acted like they didn't want a relationship the entire novel. Lucky would have a few breakdowns in private and the love intrest would then profess his love whilst being drunk. That helped the situation a lot.

Have you ever read a book where the heroine and the love intrest share one drunk (on his part) kiss and it's happily ever after? Well that's this book. If you don't want that, then don't pick it up.

Favorite Quotes:

"Unable and unwilling to truly recover, I had built up a wall I knew nobody would climb. Then, I had strategically placed good looking men around it to keep me from breaking through it myself."

"I'm old now. I can't party like you young kids anymore."