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Book Review: Forever Too Far (Too Far #3) By Abbi Glines

Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3) - Abbi Glines

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I've been a fan of this series since book 1 came out and boy am I happy dishearted with the ending it had. I did like how it incorporated the same scenes from Twisted Perfection into Blaire and Rush's story. It was nice living the same scenes in different POV's.


Rush has been one of my Book Boyfriends from Book 1. If you've read all three books you can see how much he changed and grew over the year (that's debatable at the moment). In my personal opinion, in book 3 he was a little too into Blaire. I don't mean relationship wise, because that's how it's supposed (at least we can hope it's) to be. The problem for me was that everywhere she went, he went. If someone/he made her sad he wanted to know who/what so he could hit that someone. Can't she just be sad and not having someone breathing down her neck as to why?


Blaire has also grown. She a momma now and she really wants what's best for the kid (whose name I didn't approve of).


The ending didn't really feel like an ending because, obviously, Rush and Blaire will probably appear in a scene of two of all the spin-offs that are occurring. Mainly Woods's story and now Grant's (really happy about that!). 


Favorite Quotes:


"Don't underestimate her importance. She's mine. Respect that".


"Be glad I don't have my gun because right now I'm considering the different ways I can get you to shut up. Let me scream and back off".