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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Originally posted at:
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I never thought I'd say this after just finishing reading a book, but I'm CONFUSED. That seems like the basic premise of this book. Apparently, with all the new tellings and back story provided, there are no purely good heros and no purely bad villains, just a lot of inbetween. In other words, it's just one huge snowball in my head at the moment.

Moving on, the Arum in this story are captured being the race that got (excuse the language) f*cked over after the Luxen came to earth. Arum weren't given the choice to be part of human society. On the contrary they were given a choice: work for the DOD or die. They just got the short in of the stick so to speak.

The Luxen, well boy are we in for a reality check. They were presented as being arrogant, power hungry beasts with the intent to take over the world and kill all humans with this "secret" Project, which is why this story even takes place. This is a side of the Luxen that was never even hinted at in the Lux series (also by Jennifer Armentrout).

A new development that took place which I found really cool was that it was revealed that the Arum were created as a sort of "police" for the Luxen (there's the reason that only they can kill Luxen), to make sure they didn't take over other planets and worlds before they came to Earth. But that didn't blow over so well, so the Luxen then enslaved the Arum and decimated their race.

There were a few things that came off as "not right" in this book. The first was Hunter saying "fuckadeefuck". Seriously? I've met a lot of grown men who mix the word "f*ck" in there vocabulary, but never that expression. The second was toward the end of the book, where Miss Cross got upset after telling Hunter off. She has no right to be hurt by his rebut. The wedge is there because she put it there, it's all her fault. I hated her throughout the book.

Favorite Quotes:

"If one of then acted like he was constipated, then yes, I'm with Officer Zombro and Richards".

"I've heard it all before and the end is always the same. You talk. We fight. I feed. You die. The end".

"We are not at the top of the food chain, Miss Cross. We own the food chain".