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Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper Originally posted at:
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After finishing book 1 almost 8 months ago I was looking forward to reading the sequel. Unfortunately, it took too long getting here and I forgot a lot of detail and character names. I was a bit lost in the first few chapters, so because of this I started seeing everything with new eyes and not love-struck-he's-so-hot eyes.

I admit I found myself disliking Nathan (hate that name for personal reasons). He acts all superior and using BIG complicated words to show off and one thing I absolutely loathe is a show off. He also treated Maryah (AKA Mary) like a little child you need to put up with. Sure they're "soul mates", but I want to see some genuine emotion in the relationship.

I loved Harmony this time around. I liked that she took risks and didn't care about other peoples opinions on her actions. Even thought nothing much happened in the chapters narrated by her.

The only thing that really ticked me off was the abundance of chapters dedicated to the possible resurrection of wounded main characters. I almost feel asleep during those.

I loved the ending of this book because Mrs. Hooper let's you decide if you want the book to end in a cliffhanger or not. Cliffhangers are a big turn off for me so I decided I will not be reading it. I'd rather wait for book 3 and read them together than submit myself to even more unnecessary torture.

Thank you Mrs. Hooper!

Overall this was a good book, could have been better had I had the time to reread book 1. I will be looking forward to book 3.

Favorite Quotes:

"What'd I say about speaking more mainstream? I swear, sometimes having a conversation with you is like training for the SATs all over again".

"Dear Judy Blume, why didn't you write a book about how to survive talking to your centuries-old, super-duper experienced, smoking hot soul mate about s** for the first time ever? That book would have been extremely helpful in preparing me for this incredibly awkward situation".

"Comparing me to The Crypt Keeper is a bit insulting".