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Midnight Frost - Jennifer Estep Originally posted at:
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* I received an eARC from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I continue to be a fan of this series, but like almost every other series out there, there comes a point it's at a standstill. This book started becoming very stereotypical by the first few chapters. I can resume this book in a few lines and still tell you every sordid detail that the author included.

On to the characters: a) Logan was a coward for doing what he did, but most will arrgue that he had reason behind it. I disagree. He took the cowards way out; b) It's been 5 books, you'd think Gwen would get confidence by now, she's Nike's Champion for christs sakes!; c) More secrets Grandma Frost? Really?

I only thing I seemed to really enjoy in this book were Vic's one liners. They make up most of my favorite quotes for this book. I can't forget to mention Nickamedes and his overreactions for his books (I'm like that as well so I agree 100%).

Like always Vivian and Agrona get away and return to fight and lose and the cycles starts over. This is getting quite annoying. They seem to come out of no where and almost kill Gwen, when suddenly some miracle happens and BOOM! someone saves Gwen.

I will continue to read the next few books, because I really want to find out how Gwen and her gang will destroy Loki. But by this point, it's getting hard to believe she can do it at all. So good luck to her.

Favorite Quotes:

"You are making it impossible for me to get in my mid-afternoon, pre-killing-Reaper nap".

"Apparently, I have to translate as well as stand guard. My work is never done".

"You're really going to talk about how awesome you are at a time like this?".